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Ghost Hand is a metroidvania set in an fantasy world, where your only means of survival is your own ability to solve problems.

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The music of this game begins with my friend Judah Venable. He reached out to me via Discord one day in a gaming development community, after seeing some art I posted in a server channel. The rest is history. With my insight and vision, and his knowledge in audio production/composing, we have been working together to make Ghost Hand‚ OST as immersive and tailored to the game as possible. Judah has been producing music for around 3 years now, with experience making music under his artist profile, making music for Twitch streamers, composing video game soundtracks, podcast intros, and much more. Below is a link to his Soundcloud. His biggest inspiration is an artist known as Porter Robinson. Porter Robinson's music inspires me, creating these magical worlds that the listener can get lost in. I aim to do the same with my music!‚ Judah once told me. We are doing our best to make the soundtrack of the game move people emotionally, along with creating a great atmosphere for the player! We look forward to sharing it with you!

Judah Venable · get your wish judah venable remake/remix
Parallax Code by Stephen Koller